Just Two Loco Gringos!

Jim McKeen

My first visit to Costa Rica was in 2005. I fell in love with the country especially Manuel Antonio.

Decided to buy some property and build a one bedroom home for my escape from the chaos in USA.

Over 15 years later Peace of Paradise has 10 apartments and is the top ranking hotel on Bookings.com with over a 1000 reviews.

Still my favorite get away to recharge my batteries.

I love the people, culture, vibes, food, jungles, animals and the beaches.

Come share the amazing experience of Costa Rica.

Pura Vida y Bienvenido

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Cline Phillips

I resisted Jim’s invitation to visit Costa Rica the first 7 years after he had bought the property and built
The first building of Peace of Paradise.

I finally gave in and went to visit. By this time the 2nd building had been built.

I ended up falling in love with Costa Rica and with my husband now of 8 years whom I met while visiting
And now lives with me in the US. We have since had a baby girl, Khloe, who is absolutely perfect!

So I owe my happy life to Costa Rica and to my Best Friend Jim. So I became a partner as I have an extensive hotel background, and have not looked back.

I hope you find everything I did while in Costa Rica! You never know…….

Bienvenido & Pura Vida!